About All Mountain Pass

I first launched All Mountain Pass in August 2015 with the hope of keeping track of all the random information and experiences I had picked up on my various travels.  

I found that some of the places I visited, didn't have great information available online, so I wanted a place to record, remember, and share with with other curious travellers. 

The website became a wonderful outlet for me, beyond just writing about places, food, and average snowfall per year.  It became a place I felt safe to the share peaks and valleys my mind puts me through. 

I am a person that deals with mental illness, and I have done so since I was 18 years old. 

So All Mountain Pass is no longer just my travel blog, but my personal blog. It is now a place for me to record and report on the literal and figurative mountains I will climb.

I will be sharing here because maybe some of it might one day be useful.

About Me

I'm just another person with another blog.


Once upon a time I called myself a Weekend-Warrior, I'm hoping to earn that title back. 

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