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Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Shhhhhh…. I’ve Got A Secret. 

Remember how I said I quit my job back in April this year, took off on a trip to Sout East Asia and Europe, and then found another one back in July? Well, I hate my job. Simply put, it is all wrong for me, and the worst part is that I knew this from two weeks in, and now it’s five months later.

Why did I stay so long? Well, I needed money and I sincerely thought I might be able to reconfigure my brain make it work. Alas, I failed. I could never get on the same page with the products I was pushing, the team I was pushing it with (or really the lack thereof), and the mechanics behind how we pushed it. It wasn’t all bad, I liked that it was a small company and I found the job was easy and stress free, but beyond that I didn’t really agree with anything else. ….Whoops, sorry, I digress. You don’t want to hear about how I, like almost everyone else in the world, hates their job.

That would never be considered a secret!

My Burton Day Trader a.k.a. My Most Valuable Player

The Secret Is This: 

In a week and half's time, I will be writing another resignation letter. This decision has come to a head given my probation period is coming to an end. And while the contract between myself and the company that hired me says I am the one on probation, from my perspective they are the ones on probation. And sad to say, they didn’t make the cut. 

So what now? There is a lot to worry about, and a lot to consider. Do I look for another job in the same industry? Find another cubicle to fill? Should I go back to uni in the hopes of branching out? Or sell myself to the highest bidder? Or do I look for options unknown?

These are all things running through my mind and it feels like things could be coming undone, again. 

And at times like this, I like to stop, breathe, and take myself back to fundamentals - back to my life philosophies. 

Socrates Ain’t Got Nothing On Me

It is often said, that when life hands you lemons, you should make lemonade. 

Well, citrus fruit is kinda expensive right now, and there is so much sugar involved, you can hardly call it the healthiest option. 

Which is why I say: When life tosses you into the middle of a blizzard, put on your merino thermals, grab your board and fucking ride!

Pump out endorphins, enjoy some oxygen rich air, work your entire body to that breaking point that makes you question your mettle. Let the Snow Gods shows you the way. Be still and quick, read the juju and irrespective of whatever wind-lashing you are subjected to, take control and make you need come to life.   

Keep your friends close, and the mountains closer

If you haven’t figured it out what it out yet, let me simplify my message.

After I hand in my notice in 2 weeks’ time, I will be jumping on the first plane out and making my way to the mountains. Because if it’s snowing, that’s where my heart needs to be. 

My friends and family kinda get worried that I like to run from my problems, or hide in the joy of riding. And while I can’t discount what they interpret from my actions. All I can say is, ‘yeah, I know I’m going to have an epic time and I am crazy psyched about it.’ But it ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s usually the opposite. It’s endless cloud-cover, burning cold and wind-cracked skin. 

I go to the mountain because it ain’t no friend of mine. It doesn’t know how to pull its punches. It is a formidable beast that may accidentally kill you as soon as you stop paying attention. 

Think I’m being overly dramatic? Tell that to 2012-me because she nearly died when she didn’t pay attention to who she was dealing with.

With my newest decision carrying great volatility, I need to focus and figure out what to do next. And so, I am going to where I will be the most challenged; where I will be pushed to dig deep, and where hopefully I’ll find some inspiration and the fire to light shit up when I get back!


And so dear friends, I am now in the extremely precarious position of trying to throw together a trip for 3 in three weeks. ANNNND on a budget no less - considering I will need to keep a close eye on every penny to my name. 

My Destination: Japan.


Since first visiting Japan four years ago, each year I’ve noticed that accommodation is booking out faster and faster. Japan is no longer Australia’s summer getaway, every year you will find more and more languages and accents flying around as the world is tuning in to that japow magic. 

So wish me luck fellow riders; I’m going to need all of it.

Check back soon as I update you on the planning and share my research with you.

Check back often as I will be regaling you with all the missteps and fails that will inevitably happen when #ThreeIdiotsTravel.

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