I am okay. I am okay.

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

I am okay and I really mean it. Yesterday I was okay. Today I am okay, and I dare say tomorrow I will be okay.

One year ago today, I wasn’t okay. One year ago today, I had a panic attack unlike any I have ever had. I experienced an episode that felt like it fractured me, and if I am objective, it did. That panic attack did damage, and that damage is still very evident today.

But, and there is always but, that day was something that had to happen. That day, that damage, was probably overdue. While I still feel uncomfortable with the memory of it, I now recognise the catalyst that that day was. That day has guided me Here.

Here is filled with learning and this learning is giving me clarity and my first true chance effecting real change for myself. I always felt like I was caught in a loop that just got progressively worse. I now feel genuine hope that I may be stopping the cycle, or that at the very least, the severities will be capped going forward.

I know this all sounds cryptic, and I do apologise but while I promised to always to be honest and open, I am not quite ready to go there now. Suffice it to say, I am in a good place, and I am doing good.

Naturally, I could complain about Here, because there is always something to complain about if you really want to. But today I don’t want to, not today.

Today, I am grateful I made it.

Today I am okay.

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